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Celebrating Over 21 Years of Excellent Service

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Below are reviews shared by actual clients of Self Directed Retirement Plans. We’re honored when clients share their testimonials. Please be sure to let us know if you’d like to share YOUR experience with us here for others to see!

My wife and I met Mr. Rick Pendykosky through a friend. Rick explained that there is a way to have a more hands-on approach to building wealth through our retirement savings. His explanation of creating self directed retirement savings using our existing retirement plans (401k, ROTH 401k IRA, & ROTH IRA…) was very intriguing. Rick said that through his approach, we could have checkbook access to our retirement savings for the purpose of investing in what we wanted to, when we wanted to, (following all laws and regulations regarding these things of course, which we constantly ask him about to ensure we’re steering properly…), in order to more manually create larger wealth within our retirement savings. Our investments are now free from corporate retirement plan restrictions. Following his advice and his plan and working with his assistant we were set up in a short time. Rick got us properly on the road to self management and self direction of our future. Now whenever we see some investment that looks worthwhile, we don’t have to say, “I wish…”, we can actually invest. It is freeing, and the only complaint I have is that we could have done it a lot earlier in life.

The icing on the cake is that he is about the most plesant individual I have ever worked with. A total gentleman with a great sense of humor and a little good-natured mischievous side coming through at the right moments to keep the dry topic very interesting.

You will love the freedom that Rick will be able to tailor for your retirement savings, and you will love working with he and his team all the way through the process. He is always available for my questions, and he always makes me feel welcome to ask even if he has answered the same question for me repeatedly!

Thank you Rick!

– Radford Hyde

In four years, I’ve been able to double my IRA value. I would not have gone down this path if I didn’t have the guidance of Rick.”

– James Alan Hoffman, President at MARIN TIPS.

“Our CPA had been advising us for years to set up a company sponsored retirement plan as a way to lessen our tax liabilities but because of the complexities it was something that was always on the back burner. Thankfully we found Rick Pendykoski and decided to reach out to him. In no time at all we were working with Rick and his staff as they guided us through the process, making the complex simple and easy to understand. Their responses to our emails and phone calls were always immediate and thorough. I was amazed at how simple this process was. I wish I would have found these guys sooner.”

– Keith Snider, Port Orchard, WA

“Rick, if I could offer one piece of advice to you – I would. But I have nothing. Your services surpassed my expectations”

– Wm C. Idaho

After being on the same job for 14 years, the real world was scary. I had talked to a bunch of financial institutions and nobody seemed to understand what i was trying to articulate ( i did an awful job of explaining). i stumbled upon Rick and within ten minutes he explained to me what i had been trying to do for a year. My greatest fear was i was taking advice from someone i had never met. Rick is a class act that knows how to calm your fears, while involving you totally in the process. I highly recommend Self Directed Retirement Plans and extremely grateful for all the work and patience you had with me.

– Kola, Atlanta

I’m a retired physician. I was unhappy with the return I was getting on the 401K I had built up over the years through my employer. I was curious about solo 401Ks but my accountant had no experience in this area and couldn’t give me any help.

I saw Rick Pendykoski’s website and felt that I had nothing to lose by talking to him. He made excellent sense and my own research backed up everything he said. Thus in 2011 I went ahead and set up a solo 401K through Rick’s Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC. His modest fee covered not only setting up the new 401K but also the provision of very detailed guidance on how to transfer my funds from my former employer’s 401K to the new solo 401K. This went off without a hitch.

The reason I set up the individual 401K was, of course, to allow me to manage the assets myself and to invest in asset types other than the limited range of mutual funds and ETF’s that my employer’s 401K offered.

I’m so glad I did. I was able to invest in rental property in a nearby area where housing prices were down. Moreover I was able to move quickly to snap up bargain properties as soon as they came on the market because I didn’t have to clear the purchase with anybody. I could simply write a check from the solo 401K account to make the purchase.

The result has been that I have been able to make an excellent return on my retirement funds. I conservatively estimate I have made four times the return I would have received had I not moved the money to the solo 401K–and this was in ultra safe rental property investments. (One piece of free advice, hire a rental manager for your properties–it’s well worth it.)

As if this were not enough, on two separate occasions (2 years after setting up the 401K and again this year, 5 years after setting it up) I have emailed or called Rick with questions that came up regarding management of the 401K. Each time Rick responded immediately and provided very detailed information that resolved my questions. He did this without any additional charge!

Need I say I am very impressed? I don’t know Rick personally and have no relationship with him other than as a satisfied customer. I do know he has gone out of his way to be helpful each time I turned to him and each time his information has been right on. Thus I can recommend him and his company to you without reservation.

– John B., Self-Directed 401(k) Client

I am a realtor with a major company, and powerful in the real estate world in Miami, FL. I personally have wanted to invest in property on my own and have it be part of my retirement. Since April of 2015, I have researched this with three other powerful companies who operate with this type of investing. After a few minutes with Rick, I was convinced this was the company I wanted to work with. Thank you Rick and Self Directed Retirement Plans for offering the assurance I was seeking. His staff thus far has upheld his integrity with me.

– Will Moreno, Miama, FL

If you’re interested in managing your own 401(k) money like I was, Rick is your man. He’s trusted, always available and the nicest guy you could imagine. After researching him a little, you find nothing but amazing stories about him and his business savvy. Thanks for doing what you do, Rick.

– Jerome, Self-Directed 401(k) Client, San Diego, California

Rick showed me how I could move some of my retirement savings from investments in the stock market into investing in a startup company.

I came to him with an idea, and he put together a plan that seamlessly moved my savings from an IRA into a self-directed 401(k). He knew the answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask. Rick introduced me to bankers that he has worked with in the past who knew how to anticipate objections, provide the correct applications and paperwork, and set me up with an investment vehicle that works the way I want it to work.

Rick was helpful and patient, explaining why the process – seemingly irrational and chaotic – was structured to avoid inconsistencies in the administrative rules of the IRS. 

Rick was available on my schedule, which was complicated with work, an overseas assignment, and bank accounts in other states and other time zones.

Rick answered all my questions about the self-directed 401(k) in terms a non-lawyer, non-accountant could understand. 

And he provided follow-up care as long as I needed it – and is still available. I would recommend Rick to anyone who wants to create a self-directed 401(k), or invest retirement money in a non-traditional venture.

– Wally Taylor, Self-Directed 401(k) Client, Illinois

Applause abounds for Self Directed Retirement Plans, LLC, who made setting up my company-sponsored, self-directed 401(k) plan simple and easy. Rick Pendykoski was very responsive in answering any questions I had, and held my hand the entire way. I truly love the plan and all the control it provides without having to deal with a custodian – an incredible convenience. Using the checking account I set up here at my local bank, I can make alternative investments in actual real estate properties quickly and seamlessly. Thank you for all your help in getting our company set up with this great investment tool, and especially for the ongoing support you have provided. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to take control of their retirement account.

– Laura Wilson, Self-Directed 401(k) Client, Rochester, New York

Rick, thank you for your promptness in handling all documents involved with setting up my self-directed IRA account. Your responsiveness to my questions, along with your promptness, is very much appreciated. I will continue to recommend your services to those wishing to set up a self-directed IRA and/or solo 401(k) account.

– Tamara Peterson, Self-Directed IRA Client, Phoenix, Arizona

My daughter, who lives in Arizona, introduced me. I have been utilizing the services of Rick Pendykoski and his company over the last year in order to bring my various IRA and 401(k) funds into one place in order to take charge of my investments, and therefore my retirement.

With interest rates at about zero and stocks having not treated most of us well over the last five years, this was overdue. The challenge was, how??

I tried many of the usual banks and brokerage houses, some of whom said they could assist, only to end up in some kind of dead end. Self-managed IRA funds are not a new idea; just nobody seems to want to take the time to figure them out and then deliver a service.

Since starting that same process with Rick, all has moved smoothly. First of all he “gets it.” Second, he utilizes considerable business and life experience, and he puts all of that to work in the interest of the client.

Most importantly, Rick knows his way around the several other services required to make this SDIRA world function efficiently.

He is also a decent sort of a guy, and fun to do business with. Oh, and turnaround times? Pretty much same day or overnight service!

All in all, I can recommend the “Pendykoski experience” from the beginning to the end . . . if there is one. I just keep coming back to add on or do a bit more.

– Ward, Australia

2008 was a wake-up call. Nothing in the system has been fixed, only more liquidity and debt has been added. Learn what to do to protect what you have. One way is to take control of your IRA or 401(k), and protect it from a government that will protect itself. Rick can show you how. I highly recommend that you speak with him.

– Chad Aarhaus, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates