Celebrating Over 21 Years of Excellent Service
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Celebrating Over 21 Years of Excellent Service

About Us

Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC is a unique company. It was created and designed to give experienced honest and personal service. It was also designed to do this at a reasonable price. Through the years we have grown and are an industry leader especially in the world of self directed 401 k’s.

Our clients are all over the country and the world.

Each day there are 10,000 people turning 60. Most of those have built nest eggs and for various reasons are looking for more control. Utilizing a properly established self directed IRA or 401 k gives them the control. One thing we like to stress is this: a self directed account allows the client to have all the investment choices they previously had but opens their plans to all types of new asset classes – real estate both foreign and domestic, precious metals, tax liens, lending etc. Almost anything legal is available.

We create all the legal drafting required to establish the new plans. Our clients can be assured their plans are current and comply with the the tax and ERISA rules. Our clients have direct and unlimited access when they have questions, now or years from now. We understand this is a new process for most so we encourage calls or emails.

You now know a little about us, give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you personally.

A Couple of Other Points.

Our company’s objective is to give advice on what can and can’t be done with your self directed retirement plan. We emphasize this because we have talked with quite a few frustrated clients of third party custodians, complaining the custodians charge fees but refuse to give advice.

So once again, give us a call, introduce yourself and give us a shot at earning your business. You can also continue reading to learn more about Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC.

Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC is the Industry Leader in Flexible IRA Solutions

Self Directed Retirement Plans is a national marketing and financial services company with a consortium of tax professionals and Tax Attorneys. Our purpose is to educate individuals and other professionals about the many benefits contained in the tax code. In particular, we advise clients on how to fully utilize tax exempt entities such as IRAs, SEPs, and pension plans, so as to give them check book control over their retirement plans, including IRA’s.

We assist you with the entire transfer and funding process of your IRA or 401K funds for conversion into business entities where you can legally invest in Real Estate or other businesses. We also manage larger investments by utilizing pooled IRA funds with specific rates of return.

It is our philosophy that sets us apart. We are self directed IRA advisors who can facilitate the entire transfer and funding process. We are able to provide the best services and advice from Tax Attorneys, CPAs, Certified Estate Advisors, Registered Investment Advisors, Realtor Brokers and Property Managers who specifically deal with the checkbook control LLC IRAs. This ensures personal attention for any questions or concerns you may have.

When you choose Self Directed Retirement Plans, we become your primary resource for answering your IRA investment questions and a large resource for real estate investment referrals through our preferred partner network. Customer satisfaction is our number one asset.

No longer do they have to beg and plead with a faceless voice over a phone to make the investments they want. Now individuals can invest their IRA funds directly in assets such as real estate, tax liens, deeds of trust, and in certain circumstances a family members education.