Celebrating Over 19 Years of Excellent Service
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Call Today :
(866) 639-0066
Celebrating Over 14 Years of Excellent Service

How can you be sure that your retirement dollars are meeting their maximum growth potential?

We have talked with many frustrated clients of third-party custodians. Those custodians charge fees for processing their clients' investment choices. This is expensive and time consuming. What's more, clients have lost out on profitable deals because they couldn't gain access to their money fast enough.

In four years, I've been able to double my IRA value. I would not have gone down this path if I didn't have the guidance of Rick.
- James Alan Hoffman, President at MARIN TIPS. More testimonials

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Self Directed Retirement Plans
is the industry leader in flexible retirement solutions

Our company was created and designed to give experienced, honest advice on what can and can't be done with your self directed retirement plan.

Our #1 goal is to parole your

Our #1 goal is to parole your retirement dollars and set them FREE.

We'll educate you about the many benefits contained in the tax code.
We'll assist you with the entire transfer and funding process of your IRA or 401(k) funds.
You'll have direct and unlimited access to our experts when you have questions - now or years from now.

Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC

The True Self Directed IRA and 401(k)

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Discover some of your best retirement options with Self Directed Retirement Plans' brief introductory video. Click the video above to get started.
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Each of our plans gives investors the ability to purchase time-sensitive investments that are nearly impossible using a "traditional" Self-Directed IRA custodian. Self Directed Retirement Plans' flexible retirement plans have the following features:
Investment options
Checkbook control
Limited custodial fees
Support to succeed
Asset protection
True diversification
Self Directed Retirement Plans TRUE IRA and TRUE 401(k) combine the best of both worlds. The flexibility to invest when, where and how you choose, along with 100% CHECKBOOK CONTROL. No more waiting. No more paperwork. Investing is as simple as writing a check. All these benefits, and the TRUE Self Directed IRA and TRUE 401(k) are less costly to maintain. Fees are significantly lower than traditional "Self Directed" custodians.

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    Discover how the innovative approach used at Self Directed Retirement Plans
    has helped some of our clients quadruple their retirement savings.

    Rick knows his stuff when it comes to Self Directed IRAs and 401(k)s… He set one up for me and I am now earning a better than average return on my investment.
    – Patti Sampson, West USA Realty, Phoenix, AZ. More testimonials

    Rick is the one to go to when you need to look towards the future. Very adept in his field, he is willing to sit down with everyone and show them options to get where they want to go.
    – Terrence Young, BMO Harris Bank, Phoenix, AZ. More testimonials

    Rick has worked with over 50 of my clients and helped them become independent of their broker by investing in real estate, gold, loans. etc. He is very knowledgeable of the self directed retirement plan industry.
    – Patrick Thatcher, CPA at PATRICK THATCHER CPA PC. More testimonials

    Roslyn Neal

    Well I’ve got all my 401K rolled over into my new Solo 401k. Now what 🙂 Just kidding. Thank you for making the process so simple….Roslyn Neal More testimonials
    Creating a self-directed 401K using your company is the best thing I could have done for my retirement. Instead of mutual funds achieving low single digit returns, I have enjoyed 2 and 3x returns on real estate investments. Thanks for the ongoing advice!

    Marco Rodriguez, More testimonials

    We've helped thousands of people like you
    gain checkbook control of their retirement savings.

    Get the flexibility to invest when, where and how you choose, along with 100% CHECKBOOK CONTROL. Now you can invest your IRA funds directly in assets such as real estate, tax liens, and more.

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