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About Donnell Stidhum

Donnell Stidhum - Real estate investorMy goal is to assist clients/investors in their quest for financial freedom and creating generational wealth through one on one consultation and an abundance of online tools to educate. For the past 5 years I have been a private pension plan consultant with Self Directed Retirement Plans working directly with my partner Rick Pendykoski (owner).

Through the years I have travelled across the United States speaking to tens of thousands of people at a vast amount of REI and general investment groups. I have personally supported thousands of clients with self-directing their retirement accounts. As a result, they have achieved true investing freedom to invest in what they want, when they want with 100% checkbook control.


I am not a financial advisor; I am not a tax attorney. I am an Engineer, Leader as well as an Educator who has been a real estate investor for over 20 years investing in all facets of the industry (single-family, multi-family, commercial and industrial properties).

Taking what seems complicated and simplifying it for clients is a strength for me. Mainly because what we teach are not complicated strategies, they are just simply non-traditional. Common question: Why didn’t my financial advisor tell me about this? Most of the conversations I have with new clients are around the shock and awe of what was assumed to be a challenge versus the actual simplified steps to success.

So, whether you are looking to take advantage of traditional and/or non-traditional investing with your retirement accounts, you have engaged the correct Team. I am a collaborative, out of the box investor who challenges traditional norms and thought processes.

I am truly blessed and fortunate to have a mentor, partner and friend such as Rick and to be a valued consultant with Self Directed Retirement Plans.

When ready, let’s have a conversation.

Donnell Stidhum
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