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Should I Consider A Roth IRA?


YES YES YES. Roth IRA’s or Roth 401k’s are one of the best tax planning tools available to the average person. To summarize, in a Roth plan, you purchase the “seeds” with after tax dollars and then at retirement the IRS let’s you have the “harvest” tax-free. This is a discussion we have every day and one we feel very strongly about. There are some factors such as age which might mitigate the Roth advantage however.

Most people are not aware of Roth conversions. This is a method where a person can “change” the status of their IRA from traditional to Roth. This is not difficult to accomplish. We would recommend that a person contemplating this talk with a tax professional because any conversion would be a taxable event. The tax professional would help you decide if a conversion makes financial sense. If it does – imagine receiving tax-free distributions when the time comes!!

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