Retirement Planning for Couples

Diversify Investments

Look for IRA investments that are low-risk and offer long-term gains, but diversify your portfolio to help you meet short-term goals as well.

Make Collective Savings

Both of you are individually accountable for your own retirement, but just as you decide on the financial aspects of your lives together right now, you should also save for retirement together.

Avoid Retiring Together

Try on partial retirement by working fewer hours at first.

Review Beneficiaries

Even after choosing a beneficiary while opening a 401k, you need to update it after major life changes like marriage, the birth of your children, divorce or death.

Discuss Retirement Goals

It’s healthy to have varying interests and hobbies, but discuss these so retirement planning becomes hassle-free and you both get what want.

Budget Expenses

Figure out your living situation, how much time you expect to spend with children or grandchildren, funding college expenses when you near retirement.

Educate Yourself

Learn everything you can about retirement plans, to understand which kind will best suit your needs.