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How Can I Make The Best Use Of My IRA?

uses of IRAThis is a very good question with many possible answers. Such as; is this stretch IRA, inherited IRA, ROTH IRA, Simple IRA or Sep IRA. We’ll assume a qualified or Roth IRA with a traditional custodian. The simple answer would be: maximize contributions, minimize risky investments and reposition your investments at least once a year. An experienced financial advisor can be invaluable.

Self-Directed IRA’s are similar but also different. At Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC we create totally self-directed checkbook controlled IRA’s. All IRA’s must have a custodian and choosing the right one can cost or save you a lot of money over time. IRA custodians can be distilled into three main categories. The first is the type of custodian who will assist you to open an account with them and help you transfer your funds. However you can only invest in products they have to sell. The second will also open your account and transfer your funds. They will force you to run every investment opportunity through them, they will purchase the assets for the benefit of your IRA but all this help is not free. There are fees upon fees and some have a “divorce” fee.

We employ the third type: a passive custodian with minimal annual custodial fees. The fees are not based upon activity nor the size of the IRA. They allow for checkbook control. Although they are the custodian, they have no say in your investment decisions. Our clients like and appreciate that approach. They are free to invest in alternative investments to “make the best of their IRA”. Visit us at sdretirementplans.com or call 866 639 0066.