Safest Way To Buy Gold In An IRA LLC

There are many precious metal dealers promoting their goods and utilizing IRA’s. If you listen to their commercials, you will notice they rarely utter the word IRA and LLC together. They only refer to using an IRA to purchase their gold or siver etc., not utilizing an IRA LLC. Also different precious metal dealers have different rules they follow.

Not to confuse anyone but some precious metal dealers will deal with an IRA LLC and allow the IRA owner to take physical ownership of the metals. Others will not. Some dealers will sell gold certificates, not the physical metal, others do not. Some will instruct you to use their depository or another regulated depository for your purchase, some do not.

Most people buy precious metals as a hedge against inflation. Some are concerned about the current administration’s monetary policies. Whatever the reason, you should search out an established reputable company and ask them what they allow and what they don’t.

At we have been helping our clients do this for almost ten years. All precious metal dealers are not created equal and over these ten years we have been fortunate to identify dealers who do have the knowledge.